We Thank You

There are hundreds of people that we want to thank for helping us through the dark days of 2010. I will add names as I think of them. Here are the thankees, in no particular order, but starting of course, with my mother, Bubby, for everything.

Thank you, thank you, as always, we thank you.

Deborah Spencer aka BubbyFor life, for play, for undying patience, for coming every day, for loving Gavin with a pure heart.
Thomas Spencer aka DaFor being practical, for holding it all together, for hours of entertaining, for always helping.
Auntie Lozza and Uncle AdamFor clinic days, for the condo, for helping, for the Christmas tree.
Ryan Pardey aka Uncle Ryan
For spending the darkest days with us, for distracting, for hanging around for hours, for playing hide and seek.
Glennys and Ray Pardey aka Nana and PopFor coming over, for calling, for Monkey slippers and hand-knit sweaters, for being there for Gavin’s birthday.
Dr. Audrey SegalFor diligence, for breaking the news with heart-felt sympathy, for being Gavin’s best doctor.
Dr. Peter DirksFor being a wizard in the OR, for getting it all out, for saving our son’s life.
Darcy, ICU Nurse For lighting the way, for giving the best advice, for bringing HOPE and laughter when we were at our worst.

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