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Holding Steady

As October flies past, I’m looking back over the last few weeks with continued thanks that Gavin has been mostly well. His episodes have ratcheted down from daily to a few times a week. He manages them, having short lie-downs at school or home until they pass. I still have no idea what could be causing them, but […]



  On Labour Day weekend, the Gavinator blew out 5 candles on his Iron Man birthday cake. His wish was fulfilled to celebrate his special day together with the family at my parents’ cottage in Muskoka. In keeping with tradition, there were many presents to be opened and fun to be had in the water […]

The End of the Experiment

I am trying my utmost right now to quash some very discouraged feelings I’m having. The good news is that we were discharged from hospital today. The bad news is that we are no closer to understanding what it is that is plaguing Gavin. The past two days in hospital passed quickly, and we were […]


All went well today. If by “well” you mean that there is now a wire poking out of the top of my son’s head. Despite how squeamish that makes me, we are handling it. We hit the ground running at 9:30 this morning with a visit to the blood-work lab. I didn’t want Gav to […]

The Plan

The Gavinator is watching Shrek. He is feeling most terribly yucky today. We went to the hospital this morning, first to meet with neuro-onc., just cuz, and then for a 10:45 appointment with Dr. Dirks. I thought it a tad ambitious that our contact nurse booked us for a 10:00 meet with them, to supposedly […]

Some Answers

This morning started off as it usually does, with my son wandering into my room around 7:00 and jumping into bed with me for a snuggle. As always, I was barely coherent, kicking my way to the surface of consciousness as I got the report on his night’s sleep. His “awesome” dreams, his nightmares, his […]

Summer of the Mystery Illness

Summer of the Mystery Illness

With the golden light of August streaming through the windows and jacketed cool mornings, yes, we know summer is making its way to the door. There are a few scant weeks left before school is back in full swing, with Gav celebrating his 5th birthday on the very first day. If it weren’t for the […]


My son and I are being hermits today. We are getting pretty good at it, with Gav lying on the couch and me restlessly prowling around the house. I can’t say that his health has improved much since my last post. If anything, in some ways, things have taken a definite downward turn. He did make it […]

Ups, Downs, Ins and Outs

Here is one thing I’ve learned: when you are asking yourself the question, “Should I go to the hospital?”, 99% of the time the answer is YES. I’m sure there are many doctors who would disagree with me, having had their time wasted by too many kooky hypochondriacs, but in general only good can come from making […]

1, 095

1, 095

Is the number of days that have passed since D-day. Good days, bad days, awesome days, terribly awfully crappy days. Mediocre days that were completely ho-hum. Hospital days. Days of sunny skies and days of ridiculous freezing Canadian weather. Laughs and fights and fun and learning so many new things. Family, friends, and the wonderfulness […]