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Feeling Magnetic

Friday, August 26th, 2011

You would too if you had been for two MRIs in one week. My faithful readers may remember that I’ve got a wee genetic mutation that apparently disposes one to pediatric malignant CNS tumours. Take note, though, of the word pediatric. No one can tell me for sure if a brain tumour is going to pop up somewhere in my future, but I’ve been told it’s very, very doubtful. There does exist a possibility, however, of developing benign nerve sheath tumours called schwannomas.  The possibility is also quite small, but is there. (more…)

I Love Sleeping in a Tent

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

Ah, Camping. Waking up to a brilliant sunrise. Finding the perfect marshmallow stick. Swimming in a waterfall. Kicking around fashionably in sandals with socks. Not to mention, reeking of campfire, eating foods which may or may not contain dead bugs, and having to deal with rowdy neighbours who want to part-ay like they were you fifteen years ago. Like everything in life, highs and lows. (more…)

Summer Holiday

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011

Our long-overdue holiday has finally arrived! We leave today for a six-night camping trip in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario. Camping to be followed by visiting with friends and five days at the cottage.

Bean is ready to roast marshmallows and wander through the woods. His concept of camping is mostly based on Curious George Goes Camping  so I think he also expects to get sprayed by a skunk and help put out a forest fire, but we are hoping to avoid those if possible.

It has been 7 months, almost to the day, since we were discharged from hospital after the end of Gavin’s treatment. To a certain degree, life has become “normal.” Gavin is running around this morning, hindering us from getting ready to go, as a typical almost-three-year-old should. I feel blessed.

See you on the other side!

Here is a clip from a few weeks ago at the cottage: