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The Waiting Game

We have been back on 8B for well over a week and have not seen any significant change in Gavin’s oxygen requirements. We are trying not to rush him. Patience, grasshopper. He wears his prongs without complaint and only needs a minimal amount, but just can’t get over that last hurdle.

Christmas Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas. Although the day won’t be exactly as we imagined, we hope to take Gavin off the floor with a portable oxygen tank and have a quiet meal and presents with Bubby and Da, Uncle Duncle, Auntie Loz and Uncle Adam. I have not purchased any gifts this year, apart from a few […]


Gavin has been making many little moves over the last couple of days. Yesterday afternoon I popped out with Da and Uncle Duncle to pick out some toys for Beanie’s x-mas gifts, and when I returned I found him decked out in a pair of prongs. We are delirious to say goodbye to the mask. […]

We Hope We Never See You Again

6 months ago today we came to Sick Kids on a Sunday night and found out that Gavin had a brain tumour. It has been a long, long journey since D-Day. We have experienced incredible highs, like Bean’s very successful brain surgery, and plummeting lows, like our last 13 days in the ICU. After his […]


Today Gavin was taken off the ventilator and is back to an oxygen mask again. I was out of the room for the actual extubation but it went smoothly and he has been breathing well on his own since about 1:00, but still requires 50% oxygen. When I came in he struggled to say his […]


The first results are in and the scan is clear, clear, clear. There is no sign of tumour, there is no sign of anything that would cause a seizure, and there is no tumour in his spine. Of course, these are the initial results, the official report will not be until next week, but I […]


We are waiting for our Christmas present this year. Gavin is in MRI as I write and we are waiting for the news that the scan is clear, no sign of tumour growth, no problems in Gavin’s brain. Today has not been without difficulty. Despite my resolution to stay positive and think no negative thoughts, […]


I will say this with the utmost conviction: Today has been a good day. This morning Gavin was switched over once again from the conventional ventilator to CPAP settings. This means that he is still intubated but breathing on his own with the help of pressurized oxygen. This is similar to the support people with […]


We had plummeted to such a low point over the last couple of days. It was hard to see the good in anything and even harder to muster the courage and positivity that is required here on a daily basis. But with every message from one of you we find that strength again, get up […]

Hard day’s night

We’ve shed more tears today. More than yesterday, more than Diagnosis Day. Gavin went back on the oscillator around 1am this morning. It is excruciatingly heart-wrenching to be so close to being free of ventilators only to go all the way back to where we were after the biopsy. Gav has not been muscle relaxed […]