As the weeks slip by, we are now beginning to live a somewhat normal life, but also to get a glimpse of what the coming months and years will bring medically. Now we watch, wait and maintain. Gavin is officially out of active treatment and back in the care of the neuro-oncology team. It has […]

Hard day’s night

We’ve shed more tears today. More than yesterday, more than Diagnosis Day. Gavin went back on the oscillator around 1am this morning. It is excruciatingly heart-wrenching to be so close to being free of ventilators only to go all the way back to where we were after the biopsy. Gav has not been muscle relaxed […]

The Man, The Legend, The Gavinator

By my reckoning Gavin has had 9 separate operations and procedures in less than 6 months.  There may have been more, I’ll have to check with Erica. He’s also had 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 3 MRIs, at least 6 CT scans (I lost count), 6 GFR kidney tests, 3 ECGs, 6 echocardiagrams, dozens of X-Rays, and […]


DAY 2 A few years back, when I was gainfully employed as an ESL teacher at the erstwhile Aspect International language school, my colleagues and I got into a hilarious debate about germs and hygiene in the staff-room. I believe I have mentioned before that both Craig and I err on the lax side when […]

High and Low

We got some very, very good news today from the stroke team! They feel that Gavin has been on blood thinners long enough to fully resolve the blood clot in his brain.  We knew from the last CT scan that the clot had almost entirely disappeared, but they wanted him to remain on Enoxaparin for […]

Fly-by Post

Just a quick hello for the most recent treatment developments.  We returned to hospital this week for a procedure which is called a stem-cell harvest. (Apheresis) Essentially, Gavin is given a drug that forces his bone-marrow to produce so many new stem-cells that they are forced into his bloodstream, and are then collected from there […]

A Hospital Kind of Day

Just flying by to do quick update.  Tonight is the last night we are running chemo and it’s starting to catch up to the little man. Yesterday he was feeling quite alright, still very playful and we spent most of the day walking Monkey around in a pink dolly stroller Gavin picked up in the […]