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Some Answers

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

This morning started off as it usually does, with my son wandering into my room around 7:00 and jumping into bed with me for a snuggle. As always, I was barely coherent, kicking my way to the surface of consciousness as I got the report on his night’s sleep. His “awesome” dreams, his nightmares, his thoughts. Eventually, he dragged me out of bed and we made our way downstairs for breakfast.

Lately, he has made it through the morning meal feeling okay, has eaten and then is ready to face the day. Today, after he finished his Cheerios, he immediately made his way to the couch and lay down. I feel so sleepy, I need to lie down. I feel like if I walk around I’m going to fall and clunk my head. Words that spiral fear and dread into me. (more…)

The Word from Neurosurge

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Today we checked in with Dr. Dirks, Gavin’s neurosurgeon, in clinic. It has been three weeks since Bean’s shunt revision, and he is doing well. I am not sure if the doctor is pleased with Gav or not, I think he is suspending judgement until we have a look at the next scans. We will return to MRI within the month, looking for indicators that Gav’s shunt is now draining too rapidly. If we find signs of this issue, then Beanie will undergo another shunt revision to replace the one he currently has. This means that the next MRI will be more than a month before we are due for scheduled imaging. I have to take this as a good thing as his last scan was over two months late. We cannot allow that to happen again, for obvious reasons.