At the Speed of Light

At the Speed of Light

Life seems to be hurtling past at a great velocity. Days and weeks blur and blend together, leaving me wondering, really, where does the time go? We’ve now just about reached the first anniversary of Gavin’s return to wellness. I hesitate to use the expression “wonder drug,” but Gav’s medication has been life-altering for us. He hasn’t […]

Medical Stuff

Summer is slipping through my fingers as it always does in Canada. Winter is eternal and the short weeks of summer fly past before you’ve got a chance to breathe. I have not been blogging much of late because we’ve been out enjoying the ridiculously hot weather we’ve been having, and spending a lot of […]


As the weeks slip by, we are now beginning to live a somewhat normal life, but also to get a glimpse of what the coming months and years will bring medically. Now we watch, wait and maintain. Gavin is officially out of active treatment and back in the care of the neuro-oncology team. It has […]

The Oxygen Ladder

Over the last week, we have slowly climbed the oxygen ladder, using ever greater amounts and ever more complex machines. It is with caution and relief that I can say we are beginning the descent, rung by rung. We started at blow-by, and proceeded to prongs, mask, skipped C-PAP, went to ventilation, and then the […]

Medicine man

I thought I’d take Erica up on her offer to post on her blog. Our lives have certainly changed a lot in the past three months and my role has become that of Medicine Man. Gavin receives a dizzying number of medications now, and we quickly realised that the more of them that we can […]


I’ve come to the conclusion that the human body just can’t sustain any heightened emotion for an extended period of time without trying to return to its normal state.  Fear, anger, pain, grief – these all fade with time because they have to.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to continue to live. We entered the hospital […]