Wikipedia informs me that “deglutition” is the scientific word for swallowing. Huh. You learn something new every day. We had an appointment with the feeding clinic at Bloorview earlier this week, which explains why I’m parsing Wikipedia entries on swallowing and dysphagia. You may remember that Gavin continues to suffer from slight dysphagia. (swallow difficulty.) His last […]

Bon Appetit

We have now been home for almost four weeks. Our monthaversary is this Friday, and we will celebrate Gavin’s many achievements since our return home. He now has full-blown sooty eyelashes, pretty bushy brows, and has started to grow a sprinkling of hair on his head. (And oddly, on his forehead, but I’m willing to […]

Hip hip, hooray!

Good news.  Yesterday Gavin passed his second feeding study, and is now cleared to eat certain textures!  For the moment we are limited to thin purées and thickened liquids, but we are all ridiculously over the moon about this new development.  Both Craig and I had suspected for some weeks that Gavin was capable of […]


I often ponder the human relationship with food.  Our omnivorous diet is astounding when you think about it. We eat pretty much everything out there, and each culture scorns the dietary choices of other tribes.  (“You eat horse? Eeeew!” “You eat pork? Barf.” etc.) Who was the first person to have a crack at a lobster […]