MRI Result: All Clear

We received word this afternoon that Gavin’s MRI scan from today was All Clear from a tumour perspective! No matter how many times we go through this, it never ceases to evoke anxiety. “Scanxiety” as they call it. We are still waiting to hear from neurosurgery whether his shunt is draining too much or not, […]

Hard day’s night

We’ve shed more tears today. More than yesterday, more than Diagnosis Day. Gavin went back on the oscillator around 1am this morning. It is excruciatingly heart-wrenching to be so close to being free of ventilators only to go all the way back to where we were after the biopsy. Gav has not been muscle relaxed […]

Intensive care

Gavin has been admitted to the intensive care unit. His oxygen levels fell dramatically around 5.30pm and he had to be sedated and intubated. He’s off for a CT scan tonight to check his shunt, and they’re still planning to do the biopsy tomorrow. It’s been a very stressful few days, but we have to […]

The Man, The Legend, The Gavinator

By my reckoning Gavin has had 9 separate operations and procedures in less than 6 months.  There may have been more, I’ll have to check with Erica. He’s also had 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 3 MRIs, at least 6 CT scans (I lost count), 6 GFR kidney tests, 3 ECGs, 6 echocardiagrams, dozens of X-Rays, and […]

Docs still don’t know

Gavin’s condition hasn’t improved and the doctors don’t know what’s wrong. He has high blood pressure, high heart rate, high respitory rate, and low oxygen saturation. The BP is still their biggest concern and the drugs have been relatively ineffective in treating it. So, they continue to monitor and test. His heart test results came […]

Medicine man

I thought I’d take Erica up on her offer to post on her blog. Our lives have certainly changed a lot in the past three months and my role has become that of Medicine Man. Gavin receives a dizzying number of medications now, and we quickly realised that the more of them that we can […]