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The Central Line

I am anxious. This is a big week we’re having. Tomorrow, finally, after many months of waiting, we are going to be rid of the central line. Unfortunately, in order to achieve this, Gavin will have to go back to IGT and go under general anesthesia.

Out and Back

I woke up this morning feeling quite calm with only a small undercurrent of anxiety pulsing beneath the surface. I just felt that as long as I remain calm, Gavin could come through the procedure well with no ill effects. Happily, he flew through the procedure with no trouble to speak of, and did not […]

The Edge of the Woods

I think Craig and I have both aged 10 years in the last two days. Last night was one of my worst nights in hospital, almost completely sleepless and full of stress and anxiety. Before I go on though, I want to thank all of you out there who have been praying for us and […]

Fly-by Post

Just a quick hello for the most recent treatment developments.  We returned to hospital this week for a procedure which is called a stem-cell harvest. (Apheresis) Essentially, Gavin is given a drug that forces his bone-marrow to produce so many new stem-cells that they are forced into his bloodstream, and are then collected from there […]

Laser-Death Eyes

Today I have laser-death eyes.  Tragically, everyone who works in the IGT department of the hospital died as a result. It wasn’t their fault, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. I got pushed to  my limit today and almost starting throwing punches, but I restrained myself… barely. We […]