G:  Hi, I’m back from the wedding!

Me:  Oh, that’s nice. Whose wedding was it?

G:  Mine, actually.

Me: Oh really? Who did you get married to?

G: Oh, I just married myself.


(With arm stuck down the side of the couch)

Help! The couch is eating my arm!! Somebody call the police!


A typical exchange between Gav and Daddy when Gavin is “fixing” something with his tools:

G: Thank you, I need the measuring tape! I’m going to measure it.

C:  Where do we need to make the cut? We want it to be about four inches.

G:  I’ll do the cut with my saw. There. And then I drilled it.

C:  Which tool do you need? I’ll put the screwdriver in your pocket.

G:  I think it’s not going to last. But I’m going to make sure. (Climbs ladder to “fix” something.) It’s not the right length again.

C:  Okay, we better cut it again.

G: Okay! (Climbs down the ladder again and “cuts” the wood with his saw.)




5 Responses to “Beanisms”

  1. Ryan Pardey says:

    I love the couch eating the arm!!! Good reason to call the cops I reckon 🙂

  2. Aunt Karen says:

    What a precious wee boy. And so unwittingly funny! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Thanksgiving, Erica, Craig and Gavin.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh boy … Gav & Oliver are two peas in a pod. Oliver hardly ever leaves his imaginary world!! This morning he was “flying” everywhere, and announced he was going to fly to school instead of taking the bike as usual. I said OK … then he said but first we have to go to the airport, and load the passengers. And then we have to fix the propeller. And France is a LONG way away. So we probably won’t have time to go to school today. When I said we probably WOULD be going to school … he said Mum, you’re just a passenger. I’m the pilot. So you don’t know how long it’s going to take … and I do. So please buckle your seat belt.
    Anyway, would love to organize a playdate one of these weekends … maybe after thanksgiving. xxxx

  4. Erin says:

    too funny! my favourite of Clara’s of late invovled lenghty cell phone “conversations” (on an old no longer working cell phone) with Mark while he was away for 2 weeks in Europe: “No daddy, I told you I don’t have any money!!!” I’ll never quite know what enticed that “exchange”…thanks again for sharing your thoughts and essentially Gavin with all of us through your blog!

  5. Auntie Mel says:

    I love these – he’s simply devine!
    Happy Thanksgiving – I give thanks for you, Craig and Gavin!!! xoxoxox

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