G:  Hi, I’m back from the wedding!

Me:  Oh, that’s nice. Whose wedding was it?

G:  Mine, actually.

Me: Oh really? Who did you get married to?

G: Oh, I just married myself.


(With arm stuck down the side of the couch)

Help! The couch is eating my arm!! Somebody call the police!


A typical exchange between Gav and Daddy when Gavin is “fixing” something with his tools:

G: Thank you, I need the measuring tape! I’m going to measure it.

C:  Where do we need to make the cut? We want it to be about four inches.

G:  I’ll do the cut with my saw. There. And then I drilled it.

C:  Which tool do you need? I’ll put the screwdriver in your pocket.

G:  I think it’s not going to last. But I’m going to make sure. (Climbs ladder to “fix” something.) It’s not the right length again.

C:  Okay, we better cut it again.

G: Okay! (Climbs down the ladder again and “cuts” the wood with his saw.)




5 responses to “Beanisms”

  1. Ryan Pardey

    I love the couch eating the arm!!! Good reason to call the cops I reckon 🙂

  2. Aunt Karen

    What a precious wee boy. And so unwittingly funny! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Thanksgiving, Erica, Craig and Gavin.

  3. Anonymous

    Oh boy … Gav & Oliver are two peas in a pod. Oliver hardly ever leaves his imaginary world!! This morning he was “flying” everywhere, and announced he was going to fly to school instead of taking the bike as usual. I said OK … then he said but first we have to go to the airport, and load the passengers. And then we have to fix the propeller. And France is a LONG way away. So we probably won’t have time to go to school today. When I said we probably WOULD be going to school … he said Mum, you’re just a passenger. I’m the pilot. So you don’t know how long it’s going to take … and I do. So please buckle your seat belt.
    Anyway, would love to organize a playdate one of these weekends … maybe after thanksgiving. xxxx

  4. Erin

    too funny! my favourite of Clara’s of late invovled lenghty cell phone “conversations” (on an old no longer working cell phone) with Mark while he was away for 2 weeks in Europe: “No daddy, I told you I don’t have any money!!!” I’ll never quite know what enticed that “exchange”…thanks again for sharing your thoughts and essentially Gavin with all of us through your blog!

  5. Auntie Mel

    I love these – he’s simply devine!
    Happy Thanksgiving – I give thanks for you, Craig and Gavin!!! xoxoxox

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