Surprise MRI

I got the call this afternoon to come to MRI tomorrow. Big, huge sigh. Dr. Dirks had requested one “sometime within the next few weeks” and we got in on a cancellation. So, we pretty much have to go, no matter how wrenching it is to do so. Our neurosurgeon will be looking for signs that Gavin’s current shunt is pumping too much CSF away from his brain. We are praying, knocking on wood and petitioning saints that this shunt is doing the right thing. Please join me tomorrow in focusing on a clear scan, tumour-free, with no sign that the shunt is malfunctioning. I need a huge bubble of protective, loving energy floating around Gavin’s little noggin.

The scan will be clear, because it must.

3 Responses to “Surprise MRI”

  1. Aunt Karen says:

    Count us in on that big bubble! xxxooo

  2. Aunt Bev says:

    Thinking of you and Gavin today and letting you know we’re in that big bubble.

  3. Mairi says:

    With u in prayer.

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