The Central Line

I am anxious. This is a big week we’re having. Tomorrow, finally, after many months of waiting, we are going to be rid of the central line. Unfortunately, in order to achieve this, Gavin will have to go back to IGT and go under general anesthesia.

I’m keeping focussed on a quick and successful procedure, and hope that Gav recovers okay, as he has had a few bad reactions to some of the anesthesia meds before.

I have been waiting for this day for many months. The central line has also outlived its usefulness and is now only being used for the occasional blood-draw. When Gavin needed many transfusions and IV meds it was of course a necessity at the end of active treatment, but now we are ready to say goodbye to this particular danger.

I can’t even say anything more about it, for fear of drawing bad luck towards us, magnet-like. So I only ask that all of our friends in the large world send a special positive message tomorrow for a safe procedure. We will post tomorrow to let you know how everything went!


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  1. Jan says:

    We will be thinking of you tomorrow and know it will be positive news! Jan/Jay/Ethan/Maya Nobes

  2. Auntie Melanie says:


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