Bye bye, Tankie

It’s official. The word has come down from chest, Gavin no longer needs supplementary oxygen, at night or any other time! We did the pulse oximetry test last week in hospital and he did extremely well, sticking at about 99 for most of the night, so we knew basically that he no longer needs the O2, but it was great to be cleared definitively.

This means we can finally pack up all the tanks, tubes and machines that are cluttering up our narrow little house and send them back to the pain-in-the-ass supplier that we had to deal with for so many weeks. The noisy concentrator that has whirred like a generator in our bedroom since January 11 will now be silenced. Bean is sleeping without some sort of oxygen apparatus on his face for the first time since November. This is a big day!

All tests seem to indicate that his lung function is good and returning to normal. The chemotherapy drugs that were so destructive at the cellular level are being slowly leached out of his system, I suppose.

Gavin has taken it all in stride and actually wanted to put on his “prongies” before bed because he’s so used to wearing them. After steering the conversation elsewhere, he forgot all about it and is sleeping soundly and well tonight.

I am so blessed, we are so blessed, I know I must never forget that.

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  1. Aunt Karen says:

    Yes, you are blessed! I think we should not discount all the psychic energy that went into Gavin’s recovery…and we should channel it still to ensure his continued health. Thank God for social networks( (old-fashioned and new) where we can bring so may people’s energy into play. I’m a huge believer!

  2. erica says:

    Aunt Karen, I never forget that. I know that there were so many people praying for Gavin and focusing on his healing and I will be grateful for that for the rest of my life. I am a big believer in the power of our energy to heal too! Sometimes in the difficulty of my day-to-day with Gavin it is hard to remember to be thankful. I try, though, every day.

  3. Aunt Karen says:

    I know you do. I was just commenting, not trying to make you feel guilty or anything. You are wonderful Erica. it’s not easy raising a child, especially with all you have gone through. I am so happy that Gavin continues to recover. Love you.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    So so very happy to hear this news…we love you all. Big or small, they are all important blessings, and I will keep praying for more.

  5. Cherie says:

    Such GREAT news! So happy for you three. How goes the eating woes?

  6. Sarah says:

    AMAZING news! so thankful, so happy!

  7. Brad says:

    That is beautiful Erica

  8. Gail says:

    Very happy to hear that good news.

  9. Margie Buttignol (Elvi Buttignol's Mother) says:

    Oh what happy news! I have been praying for Gavin all along.
    By the way, Erica,you have a very strong writer’s voice and I am in awe of you as you continued to write even during the darkest of times.

    Margie Buttignol

  10. Phil & Amy & Phoebe & Tom says:

    Wonderful news!!

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