Home with all digits crossed

After the drama of the wee hours of Saturday, I was hoping for a quiet and uneventful weekend, and that’s what I got. Although Bean was hot enough to be cooking at one point, he remained well, playful and chatty. And demanding.

The fever came down Saturday morning and never returned. All blood cultures and swabs of various body parts came back negative. He still has a little, funny-sounding cough and a bit of nose action going on, but his chest x-ray was pretty clear. Phew. We also kept him on an oxygen sat monitor for the most part and were thrilled to see his sats staying at 99 or 100 the whole time without the prongs on! So. Happy. To. Be. Off. The. Oxygen. (during the day)

He was given a higher dose of steroids, which is common practice when someone’s been on steroids awhile, and this drove his blood pressure through the roof again, but it has now come back down after being controlled by various meds. He also was a bit unwell yesterday and was sick a couple of times, but we could attribute that to the antibiotics.

We always try to make his hospital stays as fun as we can, and we spent a lot of time on Saturday playing games together. He is on this kick now where he wants to go to Florida. (Bubby and Da were in Florida for about a week, hence the game) We all have to get on an airplane (I get to fly it) and put on our seatbelts. After a few minutes Gav shouts, Look, there’s Florida down there! and we land the plane and go to the swimming pool. Upon putting on our goggles, we discover that there are fish in the pool, which need to be collected in a sieve for some reason, and taken to the beach and let go. At the beach, we then proceed to build sandcastles, which are not knocked over by a big wave. Gavin couldn’t possibly remember going to Florida last year, could he? I think this game is cobbled together from various books, stories and episodes of Curious George, but who knows? A toddler’s mind is such an inventive place.

Auntie kindly offered to babysit Saturday night and Craig and I went off to see a movie together. When we came back, Gavin had fallen asleep but had Loz trapped in the bed with him, after demanding to be told various stories that I’ve made up and Lozza has never heard of. After making up a few stories of her own, he finally went to sleep, but woke up every time she tried to get out of the bed. Darling Craig stayed the night at hospital and I went home for a nine hour sleep. (I know!)

I stayed last night and didn’t have the most terrible sleep for once, but several times was forced to get up to tend to various things and couldn’t go back to sleep. This morning I woke up feeling slightly under the weather, but am trying to beat it back with oil of oregano, Emergen-C, and concoctions of ginger, garlic, lemon and honey. I will let you know if this has worked tomorrow. Although I did have that bout of vicious food poisoning, and one suspected cold that never turned into anything, I have somehow got through the last seven months without getting sick. It’s because I just can’t. The second I begin to feel  ill, I start chugging various vitamins and potions, sleep as much as I can, and meditate on just being well. It is just not in the game-plan for me to be sick.

Typically, Gavin didn’t want to leave today and had to be bribed to go to the car. Of course, once we were home he was tearing all over the place and bossing Bubby and Auntie around. Ah, back to normal around here!

I’ll be keeping a close eye on him for the next week or so. Will keep you posted!

4 Responses to “Home with all digits crossed”

  1. Aunt Karen says:

    I really don’t know where you find the energy to write this all down! Kudos to you Erica and Craig too! Imagine yourself in my place, looking back on your kids’ life, wondering how it all went so fast. You will be there one day, celebrating Gavin’s 30th birthday, as Bev and Graham have just celebrated Brendan’s. Believe it. And enjoy every moment of Gavin’s life. I think you do…
    I probably run off at the mouth a little too often but am always thinking of you. Love and energy..have not stopped sending good thoughts.

  2. sarah says:

    Love Gavin’s imagination! Glad you guys are home. Hope the cold goes away completely soon (ever try a netti pot?)

    much love.

  3. Auntie Melanie says:

    Hi Erica – I will eventually get to see you guys – I’ve been sick and wouldn’t go near Gavin or any of you with a 10 foot pole! I sure love reading all about Gavin and his memories of FLA! I’m sure a lot of that is memory!
    Take care of yourselves as well
    Always, Auntie Melanie

  4. Lyndall says:

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