Getting Ready

The other day I thought I noticed something, but convinced myself I was seeing things. Today I am proud and thrilled to say definitively that Gavin’s eyelashes are growing back. As we cuddled this morning his sparse little eyelash stubble caught my eye. They are wee, but they are there. Does this mean there is hair in the near future? Tears welled as I realized how much I’ve missed his long lashes.

We are still in a holding pattern, but are spending the days visiting with Nana and Uncle Ryan. This has involved quite a few jaunts round the hospital and he is becoming more confident with his walking, but still requires a hand to hold. He still becomes tired easily and also sometimes wants to “go back to my room” quite intensely. I can only imagine how strange it feels to be out in the wider world of the hospital after so many weeks of isolation.

Apart from this issue, the only other continued problem remains oxygen. It is pretty funny that a two-year old has “oxygen tank” in his vocabulary. I spoke to the respirology the other day, and they feel fairly confident that given time Gavin’s lungs will recover. I didn’t expect that this time frame would be in the months and not weeks though. This news was a bit discouraging, but again, I know that negative thinking will not help in any way, so we need to stay focussed on Gavin’s complete recovery. It will be an adjustment, living with oxygen in the house, but I am viewing it as a temporary measure.

Tomorrow, when the holidays are finally over and staff returns to the HSC, we will know more about the process of going home and what needs to happen.

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  1. Eyelashes, walking, eating, playing, talking, tears of joy instead of pain – all so much good news! You’ve all come so far, just a little bit to go, we know it can be done. And I’m so excited you’ll finally get to be back in the comfort of your own home! If you need anything else in the remaining little time in the hospital don’t hesitate to ask, it seems the germs have finally vacated the Dressler household.
    Lots of love and good happy healing vibes,

  2. Aunt Karen says:

    As Shawna says…so much good news! Yes, the oxygen tank will be temporary…but he needs it now to get his lungs back to their normal selves. It must be a little scary thinking about being home with Gavin…almost as if has been reborn, and I think he has! Love to you all, still sending vibes and light.

  3. Auntie Melanie says:

    I love to hear this – as do my Gavin Followers! – one day at a time…xoxox

  4. Laura says:

    Hello! We have never met, but I have been following Gavin’s story since he was first put in the hospital several months ago. I have a toddler at home myself, and I could not imagine the pain, uncertainty and frustration that you were all going through. I prayed for your family and for Gavin constantly throughout those months, but never more fervently as when he was put into ICU this last time. I then contacted the pastor’s at my church in Newmarket and requested that our church of over 800 people pray for Gavin and for you in that crucial time. I am THRILLED that Gavin is now out of ICU, is walking, is talking and will be going home where he belongs! These next months will still have challenges, but your story has made us all think carefully about our lives, be thankful for our blessings and hug our loved ones a little closer. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

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