Christmas Eve

Tomorrow is Christmas. Although the day won’t be exactly as we imagined, we hope to take Gavin off the floor with a portable oxygen tank and have a quiet meal and presents with Bubby and Da, Uncle Duncle, Auntie Loz and Uncle Adam. I have not purchased any gifts this year, apart from a few things for Bean, but I’m sure my family forgives me. Actually, staying away from the shops altogether has been a refreshing change for this year.

I’m not sure if Gavin will be up to eating anything tomorrow, in contrast to last Christmas when he single-handedly ate the cheese platter. I hope he’ll be willing to try something, but am accepting that we are still moving slowly in the eating department. He has only been off TPN for a little over a week.

I am not sure if I will be up for eating anything either, as I’ve spent the last 24 hours down for the count from a mysterious stomach bug. (Bubby is stricken too) I can only hope that Bean has not contracted it too, as I became ill on my night at hospital and could not leave until Craig arrived the next day. I knew that Craig had been out the night before and feared Gav would have two incapacitated parents on hand, so I made a 911 call to Da who came to save the day and occupy Bean while I moaned on the couch. After Craig arrived, I vaguely remember clutching Lauren’s arm and shuffling over to her house in my pyjamas, and then collapsing on the couch asleep. From there I was transported to Bubby and Da’s house where I passed out again for 12 hours. I think I’m feeling better now. I do feel that the timing of this illness could have been a bit better.

But of course it all serves to remind me to be thankful for my health, and my family’s health, and my Bean’s health. We should all remember, as we eye the present-mountain under the tree, that while it is lovely to have new things, you cannot wrap or box the loveliest things in life. I don’t need to tell you what those are.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    And you have one of the loveliest presents of all – Gavin. I wish you and your little family a peaceful Christmas and, most of all, health and happiness in the New Year. With much love from the boys and I. xoxo

  2. Jennifer says:

    Have a wonderful Christmas focussing on what really matters. It doesn’t matter where you are or what gifts are involved – you have the best gift of all this year as you have described, and that is to spend it with your family. Well said. I hope you are feeling better Erica, we all had a stomach bug too, followed by nasty colds which linger. They are going around so take care. Please hug the Bean for us. xx Jenn

  3. Phil, Amy Phoebe and Tom says:

    Hope you all have a fantastic Christmas. Love Amy, Phil, Phoebe and Tom xoxo

  4. Amanda says:

    sending you lots of love Erica, Gavin and Craig!! hoping you are feeling better Erica and that Gavin is getting stronger day by day. xoxo

  5. MDTaz says:

    I’m moved by your blog and appreciate what it might mean to you to write it, and how important it is for people who care about you and Gavin to be able to read it. We spent some time with our daughter (she was 3) in the neurosurgery ICU, a 6-week span over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years that colors those holidays for us, even now, many years later. Reading over your posts I am instantly transported to the memory of that intense experience. Our daughter came out fine. I hope, pray, wish, meditate on, and expect (!) the same for your son.

    Blessings and all that…

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