The first results are in and the scan is clear, clear, clear. There is no sign of tumour, there is no sign of anything that would cause a seizure, and there is no tumour in his spine. Of course, these are the initial results, the official report will not be until next week, but I think we’re in a good place.

We are so tired and emotionally drained from the last four weeks that we can’t even be elated. Both Craig and I are just quietly thrilled. Our world continues the way it is meant to be.

Now I implore the universe to fix Gavin’s lungs. Please fix my baby’s lungs, and bring him some happiness tomorrow.

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  1. Jason Krogh

    This is fantastic news. You’ve been in our thoughts all week.

  2. anonymous

    i’ve been following your blog for a while because my friend’s child was recently diagnosed with at/rt. i remember seeing another child’s blog where the girl had a similar problem with her lungs. the doctors eventually determined that the bleeding in the lungs was due to the chemo. hopefully your doctors are exploring all options, even if that means admitting some “fault” on their part. i hope for your son’s full recovery.

  3. Shawna Dressler

    Excellent Excellent Excellent! That is great news, Gavin is continuing in a positive healing direction, in his own way and time. I can hardly even imagine how tired you both are, but I’ll say that being quietly thrilled will rejuvenate you so you can continue to bathe your bean in light and love!

  4. lisa


  5. Mairi

    What a blessing! Still praying:)

  6. John (& Susan & Laura)

    Super great news!

  7. Gail Thomas

    So very happy to hear this news.

  8. Jo

    I have been thinking of, and praying, for Gavin a great deal this past week and I’m so pleased to hear this news.

  9. AuntyKerry

    Wonderful news, I have been praying harder in the last couple of weeks than I have ever done in my whole life. I will now say a prayer of thanks and hope that my prayers for Gavin’s recovery to continue will be answered.Stay strong.
    Love and hugs xxxooo

  10. Phil & Amy & Phoebe & Tom

    Great news!! Awesome!!

  11. sarah

    Yes yes yes!

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