We had plummeted to such a low point over the last couple of days. It was hard to see the good in anything and even harder to muster the courage and positivity that is required here on a daily basis. But with every message from one of you we find that strength again, get up and keep moving. We continue to believe in Gavin. I had to have a stern talking-to with myself the other day because I was tearful and broken, sitting in Gavin’s room and emanating bad vibes. I stepped out for a bit and gave myself a shake. I need to recognize when I’m not helping.

We have been told many bad things by various teams since the start of our journey, but despite all of the warnings, Gavin has risen above it all and kept on fighting. Now we need to hear what the doctors have to say, and simply choose not to believe it. Gavin is showing us through many little steps that he has the power to recover. He needs us, and all of you in the world to keep believing in him.

A friend of a friend of a friend sent me a message yesterday with this prayer she had written for a loved one and repurposed for Gavin. It is a good reminder of how I need to be mentally:

Thank you for my sweet little Gavin
He is the greatest gift and blessing anyone could ever wish for
Thank you God for Gavin’s health
Thank you for Gavin’s strength
Thank you for Gavin’s recovery
Thank you for the progress we have seen so far

Thank you for the great care he is receiving at this hospital
We are so grateful to live in a country that provides my Gavin with the best possible healthcare
Thank you for the nurses
Thank you for the doctors
Thank you for this medical technology
Thank you for our families for their support
Thank you for our friends for their support
We are so blessed in every way
Gavin is so blessed in every way
Gavin is so lucky to be surrounded with so much love and support
Gavin deserves only the best, because he is the best son anyone could ever have

Thank you for giving us the strength to support him
Thank you for keeping us strong and healthy
Thank you for reminding us to feed ourselves, sleep and breathe, because by taking care of ourselves, we can be strong enough to take care of Gavin who counts on us to be healthy and strong

Thank you for keeping us optimistic
We do not let any negative thoughts into our minds (no matter what others say to us)
We no longer speak of his symptoms and setbacks, we only speak of his recovery and progress
We no longer think about his symptoms and setbacks, we only think of his recovery and progress
I will only discuss his progress from now on
We focus our attention on every bit of progress we see and we give abundant gratitude for it because we know he will get better each day
Our minds are only filled with confidence, love and gratitude for his health
Our hearts are only filled with confidence, love and gratitude for his health
Our words only speak with confidence, love and gratitude for his health
We have to be optimistic and confident to support him and that’s exactly what we’ll be
Thank you helping us forget our worries and fears because we know that negative energy doesn’t serve him
Thank you for helping us be happy and upbeat in his presence because we know that our positive energy can work miracles
Thank you for helping us laugh and be loving in his presence because we know that’s what he needs the most
We believe with every fibre of our being that Gavin will be restored to his healthy state
Because we know ANYTHING is possible with LOVE and FAITH


Thanks for being strong Gavin
We know you’ll be okay
We love you Gavin
And we’re here for you every step of the way

Many thanks to you Linda, I needed that message!

To all our family, friends and beautiful strangers in the world, much love to all of you. We are so thankful.

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  1. And thank you for taking the time and energy to share Gavin’s story with us every day. We continue to send as much love and healing energy as we have in us, and then some more, and then even more.

  2. Nitasha, Satnam & Niemh says:

    Dear Erica, Gavin and family, stay positive and stay strong. Gavin is a fighter!! You have our love, courage and support.

  3. Linda says:

    I’m so happy that my prayer has helped you changed your focus to that of hope and progress – that is the most important step in this whole recovery process.

    Your strong unwavering and positive confidence that Gavin will come out of this ok is the best vibes you can give him. Children awake or asleep pick up the vibes of the people around them, they are actually more atuned than adults.So if you make sure that everyone who sees him is in a positive and upbeat state of mind, and noone showers pity or sadness on him, he will be surrounded by a aura of hope and health which will tremendously help his recovery.

    Children do better with illness than adults because they don’t have the negative self-talk that adults do to themselves when they are sick.

    When he is conscious, distract him and make him laugh as much as you can. Laughter definitely is the best medicine, it does wonders to every single cell of the human body. If he is not conscious, please have others laugh in his presence, those good vibes will penetrate every cell of his body and help with the healing process.

    The more you and Gavin are distracted from the illness and its symptons the faster his recovery will be.

    Universal energy flows wherever your attention goes, so if your attention is on the illness, it will just reinforce and magnify the illness, if your attention is on his recovery and all the amazing plans you have for him when he is recovered, all universal divine energy will go to making that a reality.

    Feel free to contact me at my email address if you have any questions or need someone to support you through this.

    Empowering others by teaching them the power of the law of attraction is my life passion.


  4. Ramona says:


    I left some vegetarian organic chili for you in the fridge. Its in a Tupperware in a clear zip lock bag on the top shelf to your left.
    P.S I am not the greatest cook.

  5. Lesya says:

    Dear Erica

    I am a strong believer in the wonderful abilities of our mind and am sure that it can do miracles. Never give up, continue praying and visualizing your little precious son healthy and strong and recovering. Put it in writing every day for yourself – My son feels better and better every minute, he is healthy, strong and healthy, all the good things are coming to him – and believe in what you write and say, never allow a negative thought enter your mind. My hope for the best and prayer is with you and little Gavin,

  6. Susannah says:

    Be strong Gavin, be strong Erica, be strong Craig. We are all here to support you each and every day. All our love and support to Sweet, Strong, Brave Gavin

  7. marina says:

    love is indeed the strongest medicine. thinking of you all often. very inspired by you, your strength and love which is having a miraculous effect I am sure. marina

  8. Amanda says:

    what beautiful words and great reminder of the power of the human spirit to triumph. You are an amazing inspiring mom and just know that we are all sending your beautiful sweet Gavin positive energy and visualizing his amazing grin and full recovery. lots of love always

  9. Melanie says:

    that was beautiful and SO TRUE!!
    KTF – Keep the Faith!!!
    Auntie Mel

  10. Kelly says:

    the power of any kind of prayer is unfathomable, we are all here with you, each and every step, high or low. K xoxoxoxo

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