In the OR

Gavin is in the OR having his biopsy done. We hope and pray that he has the strength to get through this. Trying to focus my energy towards him and also hoping the anesthesia team and surgeons feel this energy too.

The surgery should be over within a couple of hours, and Gavin will be returned to the ICU.

This morning he looked peaceful and calm, our guardian angel Ann made sure that he had a good night. Our eternal gratitude to you Ann and all the other nurses who have made a difference for Gavin.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Thinking of you all today and everyday. Love Jenn

  2. Anna says:

    I send Gavin and you lots of love and wish for recovery. I know you through Karen. We all have two-year old sons. And with all my heart I wish your little Bean long, happy and healthy life.

  3. Amy Zammit says:

    Sending strength and energy for Gavin. Love Amy, Phil, Phoebe and Tom xoxo

  4. Mairi says:

    Our household is a multifaith home.  Both O’neil & I have complex practices of faith.  Within our practice is an appreciation for the Catholic culture of praying with the Saints, having both been Baptized into Catholicism.  
    You mentioned that you were praying with St Jude so I thought I might offer you, & those praying for Gavin, the following list. I usually research each Saint, their history etc to see if I feel a connection, but, like many in your community of prayers, I’ve been calling on the broadest community of prayers I can. The one thing missing is Saints for the parents of sick children(please post if you know Saints for this). Please be assured we are praying for you Erica & Craig, and all those who are there with you in the darkest moments. 

    For physicians & surgeons:
    St Luke
    St Roch (Rocco) (surgeons)

    Hospital Workers:
    Camillus of Lellis, 
    John of God,
    Jude Thaddeus, 
    Vincent de Paul

    Children’s Nurses:
    St Foillan

    For Hospitals:
    St Camillus
    St Lazarus

    For the sick:
    St Padre Pio
    St Rebecca 
    St Bernadette
    St Alyssa
    St Isabella
    St Jane
    St Julia

    For Cancer patients:
    St Peregrine 
    St Aldegundis
    St Ezekiel Moreno y Diaz
    St Giles
    Blessed St James Salomone
    St Peregrine Laziosi

    For sick children:
    St Beuno Gasulsych
    Pope St Clelemt I
    St Hugh of Lincoln
    St Ubaldus Baldassini

    And the Archangels Raphael & Michael

  5. Nikki says:

    I am sending you a warm Mother to Mother hug. My prayers are with your family.

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