The Fighter

Today has been rocky. Many procedures and scans, and Gav spent the day mostly sedated and only opened his eyes a smidge a couple of times. This afternoon there were some terrible, terrible moments, but he is now very stable and showing very good vitals. Unfortunately, his oxygen needs have increased yet again.

The biopsy has been put off until tomorrow. We are frightened, but believing whole-heartedly that Gavin has the will and strength to get through the surgery tomorrow.

Craig and I are drained and will try to get some sleep, leaving our boy with his night nurse Ann, to watch over him and protect him.

I am so grateful today to Nicole and Mike for dropping by and bringing goodies, and also to the amazing Shawna, who brought by an incredible meal for us to share. The first food that has looked good to me in a long time.

I am so thankful for all your prayers, your hope, your love, your light. Please keep us in your thoughts tonight and tomorrow.

I was not raised as a Catholic but Gavin has been baptized in the Catholic church so I’m sure St. Jude won’t mind if I petition him on Gavin’s behalf. St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes, send hope and healing to our Bean. He is in great need.

Please continue to walk this road with us. I just know the love you are flooding towards him helps him take the next breath.

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  1. Nova says:

    Hi, We don’t know each other. I’m in South Africa and I came across your story via a link on fb. My heart goes out to you as my daughter is the same age as your son, she was born 15 September 2008. To watch and live through your little one going through so much must be incredibly difficult and heart breaking!! Please know that my husband and I will be praying for your little boy and his family!! We believe in a God for which nothing is impossible and so will be praying for a healthy speedy recovery!!! We’ve also had a few ‘knocks’ in life and have realised that it was the strength of God which held us up and got us through and we pray that God would give you all the strength and reassurance that you need as you walk this difficult road. May you all feel His loving arms around you!! God bless, a fellow 30something mom 🙂

  2. Samantha says:

    Erica and Craig,

    We are with you and Gavin every second of the day and night in our thoughts and prayers. You are never alone in this. I’m summoning all of my Mommy love and focusing it on Gavin. Jack has been saying prayers for Gavin too.

    Love you guys


  3. Thanks as always for keeping us updated. St. Jude’s ears must be melting right now at the rate we’ve been going, so I hope by this time Gavin is out of his lung biopsy and resting and breathing peacefully.
    Continuously channeling the healing vibes and here to help however you guys may need. The most amazing parents I’ve ever seen deserve nothing less.

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