The Man, The Legend, The Gavinator

By my reckoning Gavin has had 9 separate operations and procedures in less than 6 months.  There may have been more, I’ll have to check with Erica.

He’s also had 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 3 MRIs, at least 6 CT scans (I lost count), 6 GFR kidney tests, 3 ECGs, 6 echocardiagrams, dozens of X-Rays, and innumerable needles.

He has been nauseated for weeks at a time and as I write this he hasn’t had any food for 10 days – all his nutritional needs have been met through TPN. Oh, and he’s currently on oxygen 24×7.

And yet every morning the first thing he says is, “Dadda, wake up. Let’s play!”

This kid is unstoppable. Inspirational. He’s my hero.

4 Responses to “The Man, The Legend, The Gavinator”

  1. Mairi says:

    A profound lesson for us all. Thank you for sharing the journey with us all.

  2. Kerry says:

    Wow!! In my eyes all three of you are hero’s.
    Love you
    “Aunty” Kerry

  3. Melanie Parkes says:

    Incredible. Amazing. Strong. And ever-resilient.
    The Gavinator Triumphs in Play!!


  4. erin says:

    beautifully put Craig – keep strong Gavin! we’re thinking of you & sending you love & good healthy vibes, wee man!

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