To the OR

Tomorrow Gavin has to be taken to the OR to have a procedure done under sedation. Unfortunately our efforts to get the fluid off of Gavin’s lungs were not successful. He has continued to require larger amounts of oxygen and is exhausted from days of a high heart rate and high respiratory rate.

There is a lot of concern that his condition will continue to deteriorate. He himself is still pretty happy, but is tired and needs to keep his mask on at all times or immediately plunges into desat.

I talked to many, many doctors today as all the teams weighed in on our case. Infectious diseases, respiratory and CCRT all came for a chat. I’ve also shed many, many tears today and have not been able to get a handle on myself emotionally. I feel like I’ve been pushed to the edge of a precipice and have just been standing there for six months waiting to be pushed off. This is not the time to be falling apart though.

The team decided that they need to figure out if he has an infection or not, and the only way to ascertain this is to perform a BAL, Bronchoalveolar lavage. This is a procedure in which a scope is passed through the mouth and into the lungs, then some saline is sprayed into the lungs and taken back out. This sample is then examined for bacteria, viruses and fungal infections. Obviously we don’t take this process lightly given Gavin’s condition.

The team feels it best though, to act now, before his condition worsens. I know they’ve seen a lot of kids go downhill really rapidly in this situation, so we will do this and believe that he has the strength to come through well.

I believe in you Bean. I believe in your lungs and your heart and your brain. You’ve got such strength, spunk and personality. Far more than your mama has ever had in her entire life. I believe in your ability to miraculously recover, not just from this but from all of it. You are my brave, darling child.

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  1. Nicole says:

    We believe that Gavin will get through this – just as he has gotten through all of the obstacles put in front of him the last 6 months. It is awful that Little Gavin has to suffer like this but I know he will pull through! We are giving you, Craig and Gavin all of our love, strength and prayers! We love you xoxo

  2. Cindy F says:

    Sending you three all our love and strength. Giant, gargantuan heaps of love and strength.

  3. Tamara says:

    Gavin has such amazing strength, we believe in him too. With love and hope. xx

  4. Lacey says:

    Erica, I’m so sorry about this horrible emotional roller-coaster you’re all on. You’re amazing. We’re thinking of Gavin and sending him love and strength. May today be a better day. XO

  5. Aunt Karen says:

    Come on sweet boy!!!

  6. Sarah says:

    We believe in you too, Bean. We are sending you love and strength, Erica & Craig.

  7. Oh Erica the Dressler family is sending a ton of love and hope your way – today and every day. You have come so far and had to bear a heavy burden but all your love and hard work and strength have helped little bean fight so hard, and he will continue to do so. I’m sure you’ll get to the bottom of this lung problem and they will start clearing it up asap. Will be doing so deep breathing and channelling all energy your way today.

  8. Erin says:

    Just reading this update now, so not sure if Gavin has had the procedure yet or not; nonetheless, I am sending you all the love & good healthy healing vibes I can muster up – you are in our thoughts & prayers & we hope for good news later today or tomorrow!

    Stay strong wee Gavin! You have amazed us all so far – we believe in you!!!

    Erica & Craig – hold on to one another and you will get through this – you have come through so much in such a relatively short time with grace, strength and courage – remember that and don’t get down on yourself for shedding tears or breaking down – anyone of us on the “other” side would be doing the same in your situation – you are human and parents – this makes your heart so big, yet so vulnerable – our babes have a way of doing that to us – we love you!!!

    Erin & family

  9. Camilla says:

    Hang in there hon, I know this is incredibly tough and something a parent should never have to experience. I am amazed at your strength to handle things, you are amazing and Gavin is so lucky to have you for his Mommy. I think of you three often and am praying for Gavin’s strength to make it through.

    Lots of love from me and my family

  10. Diana Solomon says:

    Gavin, We are sending every bit of our strength and love to you. And to your mom and dad.


  11. Cherie says:

    Stephan and I are sending good vibes and all the strength we have to help you three get through this. xoxoxo

  12. Mairi says:

    In prayer…

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