In Brief

Far too tired to come up with anything snappy tonight, so am opting for a bullet list of the day’s events:

  • Gavin ordered French toast for breakfast and had one bite
  • In morning rounds the docs and company were all in agreement that Gavin is doing very well this round, so far
  • Gavin’s counts have now gone quite low, but he was transfused for platelets yesterday so is alright for the moment
  • He was not quite as energetic today as he was yesterday, but still very playful and even did some exercises
  • Played with Bubby for a couple of hours straight, but was a little bit crankypants with his favourite lady
  • Although clearly very tired, flatly refused to nap, I was in bed with him half-asleep for more than two hours
  • Because of no-nap was quite irritable
  • Perked up when Daddy arrived and joked around with Mum and Dad for awhile, getting into tickle fights and being silly
  • Obviously rough-housing not so good at moment because had a giant barf the moment I left for the evening
  • I went back to help Daddy clean everything up and help get Bean in the bath
  • Need to rethink our feeding plan and also am worried that he’s lost half a kilo since yesterday
  • Despite barfing was still happy and said good night quite cheerfully
  • I came home to find the mystery bag has disappeared – hurrah.
  • Hoping tomorrow little man will feel alright.

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  1. Leif and I could easily pop by one afternoon and do some laundry for you so please ask if you’re so burnt out!

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