All Clear

DAY 12

Reunited! Of course, when I showed up today Gavin was pleased but didn’t fling himself on me in a frenzy of welcome as I might have imagined. After all of the dramas of yesterday I was hoping for a quiet day and that’s thankfully what we got. I spoke to the charge nurse going in and assured her that I felt fine.

Gav was getting a blood transfusion when I arrived and very quickly perked up after that. We spent most of the morning playing guys and Legos, and then I decide it was high time to break out one of his leftover birthday presents, a cash register. He has been getting a lot of prezzies lately, and has become a teeny bit nonchalant about the whole thing. He was happy to finally open the mystery box though!

On the medical front, nothing much to report. Yesterday’s tests all came back negative, including nose and throat swabs, which is a relief to me that I wasn’t harbouring any nasty bugs. Everything else seems normal too, except that he was started on TPN last night and is receiving the bare minimum of formula feeds. (10 ml an hour!) However, there has been no vomiting today so we
should be able to increase his formula again tomorrow by a bit. Otherwise, for the most part he’s been a happy little boy today, perfectly content to watch his current favourite episode of Backyardigans (Chichen Itza Pizza) twice.

At some point in the afternoon, someone dropped off a big box outside our door. Gavin was so excited to open it and spent many (and I mean many) happy hours for the rest of the day making cookies with his new cookie making kit. A huge thank you to our cousins Sam, Dave, Jack and Meredith! Big thank you as well to everyone else who sent such thoughtful cards and drawings. Our room looks much more homey and colourful now. I missed the first batch of mail yesterday but it’s starting to come in and we are excited to get it!

It’s my turn to sleep here tonight and long overdue. Poor Craig has put in many hours this week and deserves a night off. He went to the hockey game with Da and will hopefully have a restful sleep at the condo, undisturbed by stat calls for the vascular access team!

Bean is snoring gently beside me. When he’s asleep his eyelashes are not so noticeable. He only has about two left now, big sigh. All of the hair on the top of his head has gone, leaving him with a little friar tuck look. It is quite sweet if you separate the cause and effect.

3 Responses to “All Clear”

  1. Leah Sacha says:

    Hi Erica,
    I am Taylor’s Aunt, LOL ran across your post on the blog. I read your blog and remember all these things we struggled through too! Glad your feeling better. Such a huge exhausting journey. Thanks for your kind words and hope. I am not going to give up on Taylor and happy that people are sending us so much positive energy, prayers and strength. Gavin will be in our prayers as well and sending him HOPE, and wishes!


  2. Amanda says:

    Dear Erica

    I missed your blog the last few days and just wanted to send you a sweet dreams wish. what a roller coaster the last few days have been having to stay away when you werent feeling well. I am glad you are better and sending a card Leo made Gavin that I should have sent this week. Sweet dreams my amiga. We are always thinking of you and sending you love. xoxo

  3. Kelly says:

    So pleased to hear you are back together! And that the mail has started arriving. It must be something to look forward to for sure. Hope you all had a good rest and are ready for the day ahead. K xx

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