Day 5 Part Two

This has felt like an exceptionally long day, but in the end turned out all right. After all of the frustrations earlier on, the most positive thing was that Gavin’s stem-cell transplant went perfectly well. He didn’t have any reactions and was taken off of his monitors a few hours later. He was on Demerol, so was quite sleepy and not breathing quite as he should’ve been while sleeping. Once he woke up though he felt quite alright and we spent a couple of fun hours together playing with toys and drawing pictures on the window with his new pack of window crayons from child life.

We are still trying to get the hang of this isolation thing, constant hand-washing and wiping down of toys and such. Minnow will need to be washed every day. Eek. So far Bean has been pretty happy in the room. A clown named Mary Sunshine came and drew a monkey on his door, which he loved. Craig and I both spent ages cleaning all of his things before bringing them into the room. As usual today there were a lot of professional visits: neurosurgery to check his shunt, the neurosurg nurse practitioner, physio and child life.

I am not proud of my mood earlier but seem to have gotten it out of my system and am now looking forward to a couple of quiet days together, with hopefully Gav feeling okay. He was sick a couple of times today and was not too happy about it.

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  1. Be proud of yourself all the time, foul moods included. I had a few tantrums this week (they say it’s toddlers but you know that toddlers’ parents are fully included in the package!). And I’ve not got near as much as you to deal with in any way shape or form. So you are entitled to and deserve any venting you need. Letting it freak out of us helps keep all of us sane in the long haul. And keeps the folks running hospital programs and services unreliably accountable too I dare say.
    Keep up the good work, knowing it’s the only thing you can do. The universe will reward you imminently I can feel it.

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