Celebrate Life

Unfortunately, we’re still in hospital but have finally been released from isolation after 5 days straight. Gavin’s counts haven’t recovered yet, which is worrying, but we’re all still riding high on our good news from Thursday night.

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am joining some members of my family tomorrow to have a small celebration of Gavin’s life and spend a few moments together focusing on Gavin’s healing and recovery before he moves into the next intensive stage of treatment.

All of our friends out there, please take a moment tomorrow to send a loving and healing thought our way, but also give your kids and families a cuddle. Life is precious and far too short.

Heading back to hospital now for a quiet evening alone with the Gavinator. Hoping to go home on Monday, so let’s see some white blood cells!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Erica I will be dedicating tomorrow’s show to Gavin. So relieved to hear your latest update and will be sending special thoughts for you all tomorrow. xoxo

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