High and Low

We got some very, very good news today from the stroke team! They feel that Gavin has been on blood thinners long enough to fully resolve the blood clot in his brain.  We knew from the last CT scan that the clot had almost entirely disappeared, but they wanted him to remain on Enoxaparin for another month as a preventative.  The thrombosis team will keep an eye on him in future MRIs, but hopefully for now he should be in the clear.  This also means that Craig is now cleared from having to jab him in the legs morning and night.  ONE thing off the table, thank you!

Of course, I was a little bit disconcerted when a member of stroke research was asking me about “Gavin’s stroke.” Meanwhile, I’m thinking, he didn’t have a stroke. But apparently he might have.  Who knew?  My grandmother informs us that she had a “mini-stroke” awhile back which is why she’s been on coumadin for the last thirty years.  Again, huh? It’s all far too mysterious for me.  I just know that Gavin didn’t suffer any outward signs of having had a stroke, so hurrah for no more blood-thinners!!

Once again though, the good news is always followed by some typically bad news.

Gavin and I had an early start down in the dialysis unit and played hard as I tried to keep him entertained while plugged into the machine.  We played Recycling Truck, Max and Ruby, Little People, Monkey Does Stuff, and Blankie Peek-a-Boo for a couple of hours.  Our lovely friend Amanda came to visit bringing a trilingual Dragon as a birthday gift for the Bean.  Gavin enjoyed opening up another prezzie and I tried to convince him to say “el circulo” like the dragon but he wasn’t quite up for it yet.  Unfortunately, Gavin accidentally ripped off the face tape of his NG tube during a heated round of Peek-a-Boo and went a bit nuts, but luckily did not lose the tube due to my whip-like reflexes.  Amanda then went in search of berry smoothies to tempt Gavin’s tummy, and returned triumphant.  Thanks Amanda, for helping us relieve the boredom of four tethered hours.

Of course the Bean then spotted one of my reserve birthday gifts and insisted on opening it – a play-dough kit I’d picked up for him, quite a winner but hard to keep play-dough bits out of various sterile lines.  Argh.  We were finally finished, returned upstairs and Bubby came to play for awhile.  She and Gavin covered his bed in finger-paints and inky stamps, vanilla yoghurt and smoothie.  Finally, the little man passed out in sheer exhaustion at 2:30.

Somehow, I knew that the harvest wasn’t successful, I’m not sure how.  When the doctor came to tell us that it wasn’t I was disappointed but not surprised.  This means that we have to return to the dialysis unit tomorrow for another session.  I’m not sure just how much more entertainment I have in my bag of tricks!  I can only hope that somehow, miraculously, we manage to get enough tomorrow, but for now it doesn’t look good.

The plan is apparently to start chemo as soon as the harvest is done – so unfortunately we’ll be in for awhile.  We’d love to see any friends that can come by over the next few days as Gavin’s counts are good.  Of course, it depends if we’re off the isolation ward so let me know before you come!

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  1. Melanie says:

    Hey Erica – I will definitely come and have a visit – would love to see Gavin again. I will get in touch with you, or your Mom.

  2. Ah Erica. Tiffany keeps me updated and also I am reading each week, with respect sadness joy admiration and so many other emotions I am so proud of you as the best mother Gavin could have ever been blessed with. I have boatloads of stickers, small books, markers, blocks, crayons, small instruments, dinky cars and a blackberry that plays wicked cartoons so don’t hesitate to email if you need a random visit with distractions – for you or the gavinator.
    Sending love and healing vibes as always.

  3. Amanda says:

    Dear Erica

    It was so good to see you and I have been thinking of you all week. So glad that you are coming home soon.

    will send you an email now
    A xox

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