June 22, 2015

Today is Gavin’s grandfather’s birthday. Happy birthday, Poppy!

Today is also the anniversary of Gavin’s surgery. 5 years ago, on Sunday the 20th, Father’s Day, we took Gavin to the hospital. On June 22nd, he emerged from the OR triumphant.

5 years that have been long and gone so fast. 5 years since my wee little man was found to have a giant tumour in his head. 5 years of sadness, grief and recovery. 5 years of joy, of time! Time together and apart, time to watch Bean grow and get older. Time in which I have gained so much, and learned so much. More than in all the other years of my life. These years have brought me the great gift of continued parenthood and love for my boy, and the sweet, sweet presence that is my Skye.

Last week, Gavin had his bi-annual MRI – and we learned shortly after that once again it was clear! Over time, the stress and anxiety, the scanxiety as we in this world call it, has lessened and I am less violently afraid that something sinister will show up on his images. Statistics are on my side. As time goes on, occurrence is less likely. But of course, not impossible.

Life is full and busy, as we wrap up another school year and get ready to head to Australia this Saturday.

Sending out true and heart-felt thanks to all, near and far, who have been our ceaseless supporters these past five years. Much love!

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