A Hospital Kind of Day

Just flying by to do quick update.  Tonight is the last night we are running chemo and it’s starting to catch up to the little man.

Yesterday he was feeling quite alright, still very playful and we spent most of the day walking Monkey around in a pink dolly stroller Gavin picked up in the playroom, dragging his IV pole behind us and charming the pants off of everyone. Bubby and Da (Grandma and Grandad) came to visit and so we had a lot of playtime with them, and were busy as only a toddler can be.  Gavin painted some quite wonderful abstract expressionist pieces and we hung them in our room.

Unfortunately, some concerns about his infectiousness earned us a ban from the playroom, which is always hard, but we haven’t been isolated so can still wander around the rest of the hospital spreading germs.  I’m sure Gavin doesn’t actually have anything but there are certain indicators.  Knock on wood, anyway.

I hear tell that last night was one of “those”.  I should get Craig to post his thoughts on here from time to time as he was the one who had to be up with Gavin for most of the night.  Apparently, he became quite nauseated and spent a large part of the night dry-heaving and vomiting and needing a lot of cuddling and reassurance.

When I arrived this morning he was still fast asleep, and Craig had to break the news that he’d vomited up his NG tube in the night.  So we started our day with a tube installation.  It’s truly awful, as you can imagine.  I then found that after the procedure, it wasn’t working, so had to call the nurse back for an adjustment.  Because of all of this, we missed our speech therapy appointment, which it seems we can never fit into our day because of other procedures.

So the Bean wasn’t feeling too great for the rest of the day and ended up getting a dose of Ativan for nausea.  He did have a long three-hour nap and received a reiki treatment from a lovely practitioner who’s been helping us. Of course he then still wanted to go for a walk, go to the toy train (“Choo-choo”) and have some more fun with Bubby when she came for the evening shift so that Craig and I could go for dinner together as we try to do once or twice a week on the inside. (Thanks, Mom.)

I’m wishing, wishing, for a beautiful sleep for him tonight.  No fevers, please.  We’re still hoping to leave on Friday or Saturday for a little while.

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  1. Auntie Melanie says:

    As I lay my head down myself, I ask the heavens to give Gavin a lovely sleep and no fevers.


  2. craig says:

    … and a lovely sleep he got. We both slept well last night – no nausea or vomiting 🙂

    We’re still hoping to leave today or tomorrow.

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