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Wikipedia informs me that “deglutition” is the scientific word for swallowing. Huh. You learn something new every day. We had an appointment with the feeding clinic at Bloorview earlier this week, which explains why I’m parsing Wikipedia entries on swallowing and dysphagia. You may remember that Gavin continues to suffer from slight dysphagia. (swallow difficulty.) His last […]

Out of the Mouths of Beans

Clearly, I haven’t been blogging much of late. I’ve had my hands full with other ridiculous life challenges and I’ve been taking a break from blogging, correspondence and housekeeping.  Judging by the real and metaphorical dust bunnies around me, I’ve got some catching up to do. But first I thought abeanslife readers might be entertained […]

In the Grand Scheme of Things…

I’m processing some new information. Clinic days are hard, and I feel pretty emotionally fragile after 5 hours spent at the hospital today. Overall, it was a good day and we are still happy to celebrate Gavin’s great scans of last week. But – this morning in audiology we learned that Gavin has, in fact, […]

Sigh of Relief

The results are in and Gavin’s MRI from today looks great. We are busy celebrating at home while Gavin has a well-deserved rest after a busy day. As ever, many thanks to our family and friends for your never-ending support and love. We feel incredibly lucky tonight!

Come on, Tuesday

I am in the clutches of a particularly bad case of scanxiety. We finally got a date for MRI – it is scheduled for next Tuesday morning, January 24th. It comes the day after our six-month check-up with Dr. Dirks of neurosurgery. I would have preferred to have the scan done before the neurosurge clinic […]

A Cancer Mama

Cancer. The big C. Tumours, chemo, radiation, side-effects. All of it is inexpressibly ugly and sad. We spend our lives fleeing it, and living in fear of it. And yet it touches all of us – we all have known someone who has succumbed to a cancer of some sort. We also all know someone […]