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Summer Holiday

Our long-overdue holiday has finally arrived! We leave today for a six-night camping trip in the Georgian Bay area of Ontario. Camping to be followed by visiting with friends and five days at the cottage. Bean is ready to roast marshmallows and wander through the woods. His concept of camping is mostly based on Curious […]

Medical Stuff

Summer is slipping through my fingers as it always does in Canada. Winter is eternal and the short weeks of summer fly past before you’ve got a chance to breathe. I have not been blogging much of late because we’ve been out enjoying the ridiculously hot weather we’ve been having, and spending a lot of […]

37 Years Ago Today…

37 Years Ago Today…

Craig came into this world, approximately 15, 562 kilometers from our current location. Happy Birthday Craig! Happy Birthday Daddy! We love you and can’t wait to help you blow out the candles on your birthday cake. With all the love in our hearts, Erica and Beanie xoxo      

6 Months

Just flying by to let you all know that our appointment with neurosurgery today went well. Dr. Dirks said the scan looked “great.” There are currently no areas of concern so we watch, wait and pray for no infections in the shunt. Relieved, happy, and ready to enjoy my sister’s wedding and the rest of […]

MRI Result: All Clear

We received word this afternoon that Gavin’s MRI scan from today was All Clear from a tumour perspective! No matter how many times we go through this, it never ceases to evoke anxiety. “Scanxiety” as they call it. We are still waiting to hear from neurosurgery whether his shunt is draining too much or not, […]

MRI Again

We were able to fit into the MRI schedule today and will be taking Bean there without a sip of water or food for over 12 hours, but it is as it must be. He will be in the machine at 12:30 – please send us thoughts, prayers, energy and love. We need all the […]

Hair, Long Beautiful Hair!

Hair, Long Beautiful Hair!

Beanie and I made a little excursion yesterday morning to a local kids’ salon called Melonhead. Yes, it was time to snip those long, lustrous locks. Gavin has had a difficult time with hair in his short life. He was born with very little of it, and all of that first crop fell out when […]

The MRI That Wasn’t

Due to an unfortunate oversight, Gav’s scheduled MRI did not go ahead today. We got to the hospital with plenty of time to spare for our 3:15 appointment and Gavin eventually fell asleep ahead of time after three or four total meltdowns, caused, I’m sure, by extreme hunger. There have been a lot of questions […]

Surprise MRI

I got the call this afternoon to come to MRI tomorrow. Big, huge sigh. Dr. Dirks had requested one “sometime within the next few weeks” and we got in on a cancellation. So, we pretty much have to go, no matter how wrenching it is to do so. Our neurosurgeon will be looking for signs […]

The Sweet and the Sour

The Sweet and the Sour

When Bean was a newborn, I joined a group of mamas who met once a week at the house of a wise woman named Sasha. Sasha is a mother, doula, yoga instructor and local guru to newly hatched mummies and their babes. Each week, we were encouraged to sit in a circle and talk, and […]